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After-School provision Preparing young people for various milestones in their education focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and English


The competition for top school and post 16 places is increasingly intense.

Our experienced tutors work across a range of popular examinations, from Common Entrance at 11+ and 13+ to GCSE's. Our specialised tutors provide ongoing tutoring to students and, as examinations get closer, intensive preparation and revision sessions.

Our examination preparation services are diverse. We provide lessons, interview coaching, and preparation for tests, exams and subject-specific preparation, revision sessions, and coursework support (within syllabus boundaries)

  • Private Tuition
  • Entrance Examinations - Maximizing chances through preparation
  • International Students - Integrating with the British Education System
Success in Common Entrance, for us, means more than just getting the school place – it also involves the child retaining or developing real self-confidence in their ability and viewing academic achievement in its proper perspective
Our tutors are all either Russell Group University graduates or highly experienced private tutors who come to us with excellent reviews and track records. Our tutors are required to be familiar with the relevant exam board’s latest syllabus, so our students attain the best possible results in an increasingly competitive academic environment


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