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Feel certain that you will receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition.

Be assured that information will be handled with respect and confidentiality in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act (1998).

Know the names of those serving on the governing board (trustees) and expect them to be supportive of all our fundraising initiatives.


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Corporate Donor rights include; Official sponsor status; Preferred supplier status; Exclusivity concessions; Use of logos, images or trademarks; Database marketing and Merchandising   

Internet-related benefits such as content for the sponsor website; Provision of ‘web events’ created especially; Banner or pull-through ads and promotions on the project website;Naming rights to the project website; inserts to event-based mail outs


Sponsorship and donations does not only offer you opportunities to expand your brand by being visible at all our projects, it will also enhance the audience’s emotional connection to your brand through their experience with our activities

​​In addition, it offers creative ways for you  to develop a relationship with young people and current or potential customers, showing you are socially responsible. That you share our vision for any young person, regardless of their background, should have opportunities to discover their creativity and fulfil their potential.

As a supporter you will have Naming rights Naming rights for a given time period at an exhibition, or event and Naming rights for an event-based award or trophy.

Donor Charter

When you choose to support our project, you need to know that your funds are going to help solve the problems you identify as important.

We believe we have an obligation to our supporters to be accountable and as such, here is our Charter of Rights to explicitly state what you can expect from us. You are certain to:

Be informed of our mission, how we intends to use donated resources  and our ability to use them effectively.

Have access to our most recent financial statements.

Be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers or hired employees

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