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FUNdamentals: (4-6 years)

Using multi-sport as a platform, this element provides a fun and rewarding skills programme for children aged 4 – 6 years. Skill training and acquisition is built into the curriculum that teaches technical ability, agility and balance (ABC). At this stage Children are introduced to activities in a fun and rewarding manner.​

Essentials: (7-10 years)
This programme is geared to the 7-10 year stage of development. Children must be instructed in core skills and good training habits. The programme emphasizes co-ordination and movement, presented in skill exercises and small-sided games designed to make a positive impact on the development of the young athlete.

Intelligence: (11-15 years)

This programme is geared towards an age group that has improved co-ordination, and strength and who are now capable of problem solving. The young performers in this phase are still refining basic skills while beginning to learn more about concepts of space, support and movement. The programme should adopt creative and challenging games that improve receiving, control, passing, dribbling, defending and shooting.

Pre-Specialization: (16-19 years)
This programme caters for elite players who wish to pursue quality training. At this phase of the programme, all talent identification indicators would have been adopted to access the elite potential of the performers. They will now been deemed ready to prepare for professional sports.

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